Best Senior Physical Exercises to Remain Strong and Fit

Exercise should be a part of your daily running order, and senior fitness exercises are especially designed for older adults to help them stay strong, fit and cope better with the aging process.

According to , “even patients who have chronic diseases like coronary disease, hypertension, diabetes and rheumatism can exercise safely”. The trick is to find exercises that are fun, entertaining and can benefit an old body , without overworking or damaging it.

The purpose of senior physical exercises is not to burn calories or increase muscle bulk, but to build strength, endurance, balance and health for a better standard of life and healthy aging. The best physical motions for the aged are, as follows:

  • Swimming

Swimming is a best-ever fave activity of gerontologists and senior adults alike. The advantages of swimming appear in particular tailored to meet the needs of seniors, as physical activity done in the water eases the pressure off painful muscles and joints. The movements are light and do not strain the body, and swimming also assists in building muscles. Additionally, it's got a strong positive effect on the heart and circulation.

  • Walking

It’s as simple as it sounds – walking can be done at the precise pace a senior is comfortable with. It improves heart function and buttress leg, pelvic and spinal bones, as well as leg and central muscles. Start slow and make preparations, and when you learn the skill of it you can increase your daily walks. For the old or those in recovery it is recommended to walk with a partner who pushes a wheelchair, just in case. Even in these circumstances, walking means building the strength to fight with permanent immobility.

  • In-Home Exercises

Many of the senior physical exercises can easily be done at home, as they're typically more delicate versions of common work-outs such as wall push-ups (push up against a wall rather than the floor) and lightweight curls, both of which can help build powerful chest and arm muscles. Many exercises can also be done from a chair, for example “squats” – lifting your body a little distance from the chair without arms or momentum – or leg lifts. Such exercises are easy and convenient to do, and help maintain bone and muscle strength throughout the body.

As any sort of exercises , however , senior physical exercises ought to be done carefully, without pushing your limits. Seniors must be particularly mindful of warning indicators such as fatigue, chest agony or pressure, excessive difficulty breathing, intense pain, wooziness or queasiness while exercising. If any of these symptoms happen stop exercising immediately. If they endure at the same power, check with a physician as soon as practicable.

Jeremy J. Ross is a recognized analyst in aging science and he is doing studies on centres for healthy aging. To find out more about aging research visit


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