Contra-aging creams

Folks have always been interested in various ways to cheat the inevitable aging process, beginning with legends of the wellspring of youth and developing into a complete industry concentrated on this actual issue.

In the cosmetic industry, skincare takes up the main part, all companies developing thousands of products that forestall the skin from deteriorating and giving it a young and fresh look. There are all kinds of creams, some more successful than others, that scale back the appearance of wrinkles, slight lines and other consequences of aging. Their active ingredients not only help to firm, hydrate, and tighten facial skin but also aid in reducing the appearance of delicate lines.

These complete age-defying creams focus on the different factors that speed up the appearance of the undesired aftermath of ageing on the skin. Skin is as subject to ageing as any other organ in the body. There are 2 types of aging factors for the skin, that's natural (age-implicated) factors and extrinsic factors.

The intrinsic factors cause the epidermis layer of the skin to become thinner, the cell turnover slows with age, collagen begins to break down, the subcutaneous layer thins, and the
skin’s elastin is less in a position to “spring back”. Also, oil production from the sebaceous glands decreases, melanin production slows, jacking up your sensitivity to sun damage
and also making you appear paler. Pores enlarge and become clogged, and capillaries and broken veins become more visible, as well as more frequent, because of the fragility of the veins as you begin to age.

Some contra-aging creams (like Revitol Anti Wrinkle) are quite successful in fighting these intrinsic factors, renewing the skin and reducing the indicators of getting older. Such creams excite the renewal of epidermis cells, plug the elasticity of the skin, and hydrate the dry skin, giving it a good even tone.

As for the extrinsic factors, these are the ones not related to ordinary aging or genetics, for example effects from sun, smoking, and pollution. The most damaging in this category is sun exposure, the UV rays from the sun damaging the DNA in epidermal cells, often resulting in mutations that lead to cancer. UV radiation accelerates the breakdown of collagen in the dermis and increases the accumulation of unusual elastin, which leads to increased wrinkling. Also, cigarette smoke constricts blood vessels in the skin and decreases the amount of oxygen and nutrient elements that reach facial tissues, resulting in increased wrinkling and loss of pliability.

Anti aging creams can also lessen the consequences of such factors, having the ability to steadily renew the tone and texture of your skin to leave you long lasting effects. They can help you look less old and more attractive by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, slight lines and other consequences of aging.

Mike H. Buron is a recognized skin specialist in North Chicago area and he is specialised in anti wrinkle creams. To find out more about Revitol products visit


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