Cooking & Nutrient Density Information And How It Relates To The Need For Vitamin Supplements

Most people love good cooked food. Pizza, chicken, steak, you say it. The difficulty is that while cooking food is a necessity, overcooking some food is essentially perilous nutritionally talking. In truth, the great majority of people should not cook their plants in order to make sure that the life giving enzymes aren't rubbed out in the food.

Protein and grains have to be cooked as their are on the acid end of the PH spectrum in opposition to the alkalinity of veggies and fruit with really rare exception. I like great cooked food too. I especially love Italian food.

The issue, though, with eating too much processed food is that it is 1) bad for your abdominal tract and 2) it’s does not give the essential organic, vitamins and minerals the body wishes to operate in a perfect demeanour. Don’t misunderstand. Tasty food is important — eating in restaurants with buddies and family is a vital component of food but the nutrient density we need will only come thru good nutritional supplements that give the body what it must expand or supplement our eating.

I realize this a big paradigm shift for the great majority of people — I understand that. Here’s why it's so important: most food is nutritionally undervalued and as such it isn't giving you the vital nutrients you require for cell repair, cell rejuvenation, for example. Eating vegetables and fruit and grains provide our bodies with the mandatory enzymes, co-factors, vitamins and minerals our bodies need on an everyday basis in most situations.

(Some of the absolute vitamins to take like vitamin C can’t be stored but must be renewed on a regular basis through our foods and drinks intake — that's the reason why I would recommend the best multivitamins you can find, ideally a pharmaceutical grade quality one.) Eating a western diet rich in fat, salt, sugar, and non-fiber food — and food that's so processed even a dog would not eat it, is not perfect for us. I asked a friend lately the last time he ate a giant bowl of veg with dip and he said he could not remember when. That isn't a good sign.

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