Free-radicals And Antioxidants


Lately the scientists more often go over the hazards of oxidants and also the benefits of their “nemesis” – antioxidants. Allow us to try and determine what they really are. A person’s organism constantly produces unstable molecules, which can be sometimes called oxidants, but usually known as free radicals – very aggressive forms of oxygen (H2O2, HO- and others). Oxidants and oxidizers are very active molecule fragments, that contain an unpaired electron, and try to start a chemical reaction with everything which they find on their way.
In small amounts free radicals play a good role in supporting human health, take part in a million of chemical reactions which take place in human cells every second. They help digest food and fight diseases-causing bacteria, fungus and viruses. However as a result of extensive physical pressure, polluted water, smoking and radiation, the natural control mechanisms start to fail. Next the free radicals’ activity sharply increases and damages our organism. When the toxins get free from our organism’s control they cause noticeable damage. They destroy cells by damaging cell membranes. Also they change the DNA structure of the cell and cause mutations. Toxins can tie two molecules together, after which the molecules can’t function properly. For example if two molecules of skin collagen are tied together then the skin loses its elasticity, smoothness and becomes wrinkled and non elastic. Once the human organism is really damaged by free radicals, the brown spots can be seen on the forehead or on the back of the hands.
Free radicals (oxidants) are a byproduct of the metabolism process inside human organisms. You will find five main oxidants: superoxide radicals, hydrogen dioxide, hydroxide radicals, fat peroxide radicals and atomical oxygen. Firsthand the free radicals are dangerous simply because destroy the cell membranes and also damage the DNA molecule, containing all the genetic information. Basically toxins (oxidants, oxidizers) destroy and oxidize everything that they can meet on their way: molecules, cells, organs and the whole organism. It really is known that these aggressors sometimes steal a lot more than Ten years from our lives. They are the reasons for such diseases as: cancer, cardiac arrest, strokes, atherosclerosis and many more. It is known that the free radicals are the main reasons for aging. And who doesn’t wish fight that?
Thus, the free radicals are aggressive oxygen forms, which oxidize different elements inside our organism. Some scientists claim that aging is oxidizing. We can basically claim that as we grow older we go sour. The life duration of laboratory animals who receive powerful antioxidants is increases by 60 percent. If we discover a very good and safe powerful antioxidant only then we can live for 100 and more years without getting sick. Some medications and products, that include antioxidants, are already available on the market. Such as resveratrol, but before using it , ead about side effects of resveratrol.
What exactly are antioxidants? Antioxidants are products which allow a human body remove and tie the oxidants. Like other antioxidants, catechines, that are found in green tea, selectively suppress specific ferment activity, which leads to cancer. They could also find and restore the DNA changes the result of oxidants. Today the following vitamins are used as antioxidants: beta-carotene and other carotenoids (Astaxanthin (read more), lycopene, lutein and others), A,C,E. each vitamin performs its very own function. That is why it’s important that every one of them is part of your diet. You can also read more about Nopal cactus juice, which contains antioxidants as well.


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