How Botox Injections Function

It is very common in america nowadays to use Botulinum Toxin injections as the aesthetic procedure to improve one appearance. The primary use of Botulinum Toxin was done to treat squint; but its usage has shifted to cosmetic rejuvenating procedures in the last decade. Although Botox is now used as an anti-wrinkling therapeutic module, the mechanism of its action is poorly understood which renders some physicians reluctant to use it. However, Botox is a drug of high therapeutic index; the incidence of occurrence of undesired complications and side effects is rather low. Moreover this paradox can be easily illustrated with the increased usage of Botox in America.
How does Botox helps in reducing the wrinkles? The bacterial pathogen responsible for food poisoning is the source of Botulinum Toxin. Generally the Botulinum Toxin food poisoning is observed after consumption of stored canned meat. The poisoning leads to neurological paralysis of the voluntary muscles of the body which can evolve into a life threatening condition. Botox is artificial Botulinum Toxin, so when it is injected locally, it leads to paralysis of selective groups of muscles of the face. In short Botulinum Toxin does not affect the wrinkled skin directly. Alternatively, the muscle, which contracts excessively and produces wrinkles, is paralyzed. Accurately speaking, the toxin blocks transmission of nerve impulses to the muscle; hence, the wrinkling disappears.
Botox has a paralyzing effect on your muscles which leads to a total rejuvenation of face and decrease in wrinkles. The positive effects of Botox can be easily maintained up to a period of six months or so. But in case these Botox injections are performed by non-professionals, you will end up in losing the effect in a few months. It is being revealed in a research that people receiving the Botox injections for a period of two years, have long lasting effect and help in maintain the anti-wrinkling effects of Botox.
The outcome of Botox injection is largely determined by the skill of the plastic surgeon  . It is very beneficial to understand the functional anatomy of the face for better results. There are huge number of books available on facial anatomy, but one can not get these particulars in any single book. A productive surgeon has the professional technical eye to assess the face of the patient and decide distinct muscle groups that generate wrinkles and unaesthetic appearances. Those muscles must be the targets for Botox injections  . If the plastic surgeon selects the correct targets, most possibly the process will likely be productive.
With Botox cosmetic, you’ll not merely remain fresh and gorgeous, safely and swiftly but will appear as young as you had been. There is certainly an impact in as soon as 24-48 hours as well as the outcomes could get far better in very first week and could continue till very first month. Moreover, if you are happy with your previous Botox Cosmetic results and want to consider a regular treatment plan to help maintain that fresh and beautiful look, then keep in mind that you can receive injections every 3 to 4 months as long as you don’t have any serious allergic reactions or other significant side effects.

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