How Come I Look Significantly Older Than My Age?

“Age is only a number”. Certainly sometimes it is so. But some folks believe that they seem to look more mature for their age. They seem to feel as if time flies and they have matured instantaneously. Well, if this question increases that interest in every thought then this write-up is obviously what you need. To start, before you decide to jump into obtaining what ever anti-aging product you can purchase (Argan oil by the way is excellent for it), you must know why we often look more than our actual age.

Teeth Negligence or Abuse

Our teeth take on an important role in terms of the structure of our face. The abuse of our teeth will shortly takes its toll on our face. Some excellent examples of our abuses are nibbling vigorously, grinding, nail biting, or in circumstances that a tooth or some teeth should be pulled out due to a disease. The end result of all this is a saggy face around the mouth area and wrinkles. But dental implants or even dentures is usually a great support in these cases, which ever suit your budget.

Oral Contraceptives Ingestion

Facial hyper-pigmentation is the result of hormonal surges as a result of pregnancy. Having birth prevention vaccinations, pills, etc can have that equivalent effect around the face. This doesn’t leave out the nose. The good news is that this is not an item that is permanent on the face and may leave once hormonal pregnancy prevention is stopped. A trip to the skin doctor will also be of big help.

Hormonal Adjustments and Losing That Extra Weight

Time and age goes hand-in-hand and we all have to acknowledge this. As women, a time may come when hormonal changes occurs with particular age comes about. If this moment comes then less collagen is created by the body and losing that extra pound will certainly not help. It is like having a balloon at home, after some time it will lose air and shrinks. The perfect solution is to reinflate it. There are several procedures out there that can help you. Just confer with your dermatologist.

The Warmth of the Sun

Melasma, lentigos, freckles, and the like develop from the heat of the sunlight. Sometimes having that bronze on a holiday have bad final results and these are perhaps some of it, in addition to sun burns. These skin color problems make us appear older. Always take care of oneself from the heat by usingsunscreen, hats, and sunglasses> These things exist for your defense. Always remember to utilize them equally as much as possible.


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