How To Deal With Aging

Fewer than 28% of people between the ages of 18 and 27 in the United States alone are reported as being very happy. This is a result derived from surveys done by one Dr. Daniel Mroczek. He also discovered that as you grow older, you tend to be more happy and content with yourself and the things you have achieved. Why then should anyone be afraid to grow old. Lethal Commissions Review

Life extension and anti aging wouldn’t be what they are today if not for people like gerontologists who think it is not a likable phase of life and so cry woe of it. The aged will be better able to accept what is, and not waste much of the little time they have left on vain quests to become young again. Contrary to what gerontologists might have you believe, some strengths do go with aging. To begin with, it can be argued that several older people have a higher sense of fulfillment than the young do. The experience that they have garnered over the years also makes up for much of the physical prowess lost as they aged. Meaning that aging is not so bad after all. Lethal Commissions

People really should not be afraid to age or even die. Since it is only normal to do so, we should accept it. Anything short would be living in denial, which would result in wastes on many things that we need not do.

There are a lot of bodies that have carried out surveys to establish how people react to coming of age and eventual aging in American. Some ascertain that younger people are often not as happy as older ones. Others realize that seniors tend to be better story tellers and become more agreeable and conscientious with age. Basically, it is a lot of reason for people to not strive to remain young, or to at least focus less on life extension. Lethal Commissions Bonus

As people age, they tend to be more positive and in better control of their emotions. This is a result that was procured by Laura Carstensen, PhD after certain surveys. It corroborates accounts and statements made by other professionals in the field of anti aging and life extension.


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