How To Remove Spider Veins Without Pain

Spider veins are miniscule red, purplish or bluish veins that form a cluster, usually on the legs or face. They can be seen through the skin and are unsightly. You can learn the way to remove spider veins by reading this summary. You can get spider veins at pretty much any age but but it is more common in younger women and is most prevalent in those who have a hereditary inclination, are on their feet rather a lot , are overweight are pregnant or have active hormones. The same is true for those in puberty and who are in menopause. Unfortunately it is a long list.

Sufferers using birth control pills, postmenopausal hormone replacements, a history of blood clots and certain conditions that cause increased pressure in the stomach really should lose spider veins. Spider veins are much more common than you may think, affecting between 30 and 60 % of adults and grow with age.

You may want to remove spider veins because they are unpleasant however aa much more driving reason patients look for treatments is because they cause aching or cramping in the legs. The legs can feel heavy or tingly and the burning pain is very annoying. Spider veins can be worse premenstrually, when the hormones are at their highest and are swinging widely.

The treatment for spider veins is heavily related to how many you have and the doctor you choose. As a likely first step your doctor may advise that you choose some support stockings. These provide comfort and cut back the appearance of spider veins. They come as pantyhose, below the knee or above the knee kinds. Some drugstores carry them or you can go to a surgical supply store. Additionally if you are overweight, it may be a reasonable idea to shed some pounds and adopt a walking schedule which can help lessen the appearance of spider veins.

Sclerotherapy is a treatment for spider veins that many women have tried. It involves the use of a concentrated saline solution and a chemical that clots blood and collapses veins. Tiny needles are inserted into the spider veins and the veins collapse, the blood eventually being soaked up into your system. The vein falls in on itself either straight away or slowly over 3 to 8 weeks, depending on the sclerosing product used.

An alternative way to get rid of spider veins is to use a process known as an endovenous laser treatment. This uses a laser fiber which is inserted into the vein with surges of light delivered into the vein, making it collapse. It surprisingly doesn’t hurt much because it is done under local anesthesia.

Radiofrequency occlusion is another process used to treat spider veins. There’s a little catheter used to position radiofrequency energy. The vein wall warms up and reduces down sealing the vein closed. Local anesthesia is used to manage the likely pain associated with the process.

While surgery can be used on varicose veins, it does not work very well on spider veins. Laser treatment and sclerotherapy are the most convenience options. At the end, you are left with whitish coloured veins that are empty of blood because they have closed off and can’t carry blood. The veins just merge in with the normal skin and are pretty much invisible.

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