Improving Memory: Are Mind Training Computer Games An Answer?

Do you wish to improve your memory? Participating in brain training games is an exceptionally popular pursuit currently. It’s not surprising given it can be hugely addictive and entertaining. Furthermore you do tend to reckon that it helps you to improve your memory as well as other mental skills like problem-solving. Definitely the more often you play the better you become. So is it equally true that getting better at playing these games is additionally going to make you better at these mental skillsets as used in everyday activity Does having the ability to memorize items in the short term through practicing the exact same exercises result in a marked improvement with recall in the long term too or does this require a different skill-set

The multi-million dollar brain training games sector would without a doubt state that its mental training is based on sound neurological theory and that consequently there is a fair possibility of improving memory and also other capabilities through using its mind exercise software programs. They have not nonetheless, at least to my knowledge, posted the results of any studies that they have made into this area.|You might be forgiven for believing that all the brain training games have been specially designed bearing in mind the ever-increasing body of brain scientific research. Without a doubt, a lot is already established regarding the neurological underpinnings of exactly how memory is created initially, and thereafter improved. Perhaps they’ve been designed this way, but where exactly is the evidence of exactly how successful you could be by using these exercises?

So BBC television in Britain decided to undertake a large-scale study. They partnered with the Alzheimer’s Society and the British Medical Research Council, and together they came up with a scientific study of the effects of taking part in brain training games on individuals’ capacity to recall things as well as other mental skills. The published outcome was really amazing. The researchers recruited thirteen thousand adult volunteers to take part in their extensive experiment for six weeks. The purpose was to see whether training the brain on a variety of tasks designed to employ different areas of the brain (such as the temporal lobes for memory and the parietal lobes for math), would strengthen mental skills, like memory and problem-solving skills.. The volunteers were split up into an experimental group and a control group. The first group completed a broad range of brain exercises, including ones for improving memory, for 10 mins every second day for 6 weeks. Considering that tasks were internet-based, the control group just used the net for the same amount of time. After the trial period, the brain training group was tested once more on the brain exercises and was found to be 33 per cent better at performing the brain games they had trained on.

This sounds wonderful; but were these superior mental abilities transferable from the mind exercises with which the group was already comfortable, to normal primary cognitive skills, such as problem-solving and recalling number sequences? Both groups of subjects were examined on these skills both prior to the study and afterwards. The average score for the two groups beforehand was the same.

Upon retesting after the trial period, the control group’s score had increased by 4.35 percent. Remarkably however, the score for the experimental group was nearly the same. It represented only a 6.52 percent increase above its original score. So, statistically there was no distinction between both the groups. Needless to say, what they were not able to determine was whether or not the modest improvement was simply just the consequence of working on the web. Maybe there could have been another group that didn’t do anything online.

Hence have you been completely misusing your time taking part in brain training games? Actually, only you can truly be aware of if they are of any benefit to you. It is maybe best not to depend upon them for improving memory, but to use different approaches too, for instance participating in sporting activities and improving your diet.

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