Natural Face Masks Have Existed For Hundreds Of Years, And For Very Good Reason

natural face masks were definitely being used by the age-old Egyptians, and it’s also revealed that Cleopatra would make use of Dead Sea mud for face masks at least two times weekly in an effort to enhance her skin tone. Needless to say Dead Sea mud is certainly very different to the average mud one could get in the backyard, and it’s also not freely accessible to many people.

Despite the fact that we may not have access to Dead Sea mud, there’s a huge amount of other choices available to us. Almost all health and beauty outlets stock a incredible variety of facial masks, as do most supermarkets these days. The only disadvantage to purchasing the regular high street products is the bulk of them contain chemicals in one form or another.

It’s understandable that the suppliers refute the reality that a number of these chemical substances actually do damage skin, but an individual merely needs to carry out a limited amount of online investigation in order to discover several scary realities. These chemicals shouldn’t even come into contact with your skin whatsoever, and they most surely shouldn’t be a part of face masks which usually remain on your skin for comparatively long periods of time.

There are so many excellent natural ingredients that are perfect for achieving the identical results as the chemicals, if not much better, so really, there is no reason for someone to support the use of poisonous chemicals in cosmetics.

By way of example, natural face masks could perhaps feature the use of avocado in order to ensure the skin is actually effectively moisturized. To the contrary, most high street labels will make use of one or other petroleum based ingredient, a despicable by-product from the oil and gas industry. Plus, while avocado does a fantastic job at hydrating skin, it’s additionally competent at pulling unhealthy toxins out of your skin.

Another treacherous minefield with the skin care industry involves the usage of fragrances. Companies try to justify using scent by calling it aromatherapy, however in actual fact, fragrance will be put in for one single reason, and a single reason only – it can make a product that much more attractive, which subsequently would mean far more sales.

Any skin care product, such as masks, could be made to smell fantastic merely by including some cold pressed rosemary oil, lavender oil, or any other favorable smelling natural oil. On the other hand, big name suppliers utilize unnatural fragrances, of which they’ve got more than 4,000 to select from. Once again, several of these happen to be associated with serious health problems, but since the skin care industry isn’t controlled by the Food and Drug Administration, manufacturers of skin-care products may use whatever substances they choose.

There’s simply no denying the fact that facial masks are capable of doing miracles for a person’s complexion but if it’s not possible to locate, or possibly make, natural face masks, then it could well be advisable to not take advantage of masks at all. Although it most definitely is possible to get your masks in certain regular brick and mortar outlets, you’ll find the internet to be a significantly better alternative, both in regards to selection as well as in terms of price.


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