Skin Needling To Reduce Wrinkles

Skin rollers are hand held devices used for skin needling, which is a safe and effective treatment which is nonablative and noninvasive. The device is also referred to as face roller, dermal roller, microneedle roller and skin roller. It’s most popular use is on the face. To stimulate derma- roller needles help produce collagen and elastin on the inner skin surface. These microneedle rollers have become popular, especially among women for treating various skin issues for their effectiveness, and without side effects.
The purpose of a skin roller is to restore lost collagen and reverse aging, correct pitted skin, acne scarring, skin scars, and stretch mark removal. Skin roller helps in skin rejuvenation.
The general cause for problems on the skin is lack of collagen and elastin to repair itself from the damage. The face roller increases collagen production that are produced by fibroblasts and found in our connective tissue. Replenishing collagen is dependent on elastin for skin rejuvenation. The Derma Rejuv Roller will improve these proteins to treat the damage.
Skin roller consists of a drum-shaped cylinder which mounts numerous microneedles. Skin roller when rolled on the skin helps in removing the dead cells from its surface and promoting formation of new cells. The microneedles on the roller penetrates the outermost layer of the skin. Small punctures on the surface of the skin open the pores to open and prepare the skin for treatment Pore opening triggers the structural proteins needed for skin rejuvenation. The treatment should be continued for up to one year but result starts showing after 1 or 2 weeks of treatment. Skin care products such as creams, lotions, and sprays are easily absorbed by the skin when used with skin roller. Skin roller helps in improving the blood flow to skin, opening clogged pores, removal of dead collagen, and exfoliating dead cells on the skin.
Skin rollers are better than other forms of treatment since it is pain free, easy to use, can be used at any time according to your convenience, and cost effective without any damage to the skin. Since it is based on acupuncture therapy, it is effective in curing even cellulite and hyperpigmentation. Even pitted skin fills up with continued treatment. It is better than surgical methods which can permanently damage the skin. There is no bruising, bleeding, infection, or swelling as opposed to other treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser therapy. Skin roller can be used on body, face, and neck.
Skin roller’s effectiveness depends on choosing the correct number and length of the micro needles. When skin roller is used frequently and regularly, it thickens and firms the skin, smoothens scars, and helps in erasing the wrinkle lines. Skin roller should be cleaned with alcohol and sterilized after each use for preventing infection.


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