Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Do Men Truly Benefit From It?

Real men don’t back away from talking about their crucial health issues with their doctor. As early as 30 years of age, men can experience a reduction in their testosterone levels. Some symptoms include loss of sex drive or penile dysfunction (ED), weight gain, loss of muscle, depression, low energy, baldness, and changes in cholesterol levels.

These symptoms have their own side-effects of lower self-esteem, depression, and reduction in confidence, which affects lots of other sectors of life.

A seasoned expert medic can appraise if Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) of the hormone testosterone would be the right treatment option for men experiencing these dire life changes. Many research has demonstrated that HRT is a feasible treatment option for men experiencing difficulty. However , the doctor wants to first eliminate the chance of other causes to these symptoms like poor circulation, bad diet, prostrate issues, or heart issues.

If testosterone replacement therapy is the most appropriate choice for a patient, he should bother to research the best professional to provide this HRT service. They should have specialized training in HRT.

Successful testosterone replacement therapy will raise energy, muscle, sex drive, and even weight reduction. The treatment will be critical in combination with a proper diet, exercise, and rest. One cannot have a bad diet and/or not exercise and expect the Testosterone Hormone Treatment to do all the work.

Systems of testosterone hormone care are injections, skin patch, gel, oral applications, subcutaneous implant, or a stick that's like deodorant. The health professional will help determine what methodology will work best based on patient assessment.

Once the proper medicare provider is identified, an intensive assessment wants to occur. One of the best methods to measure testosterone levels is to take 1 or 2 blood tests over the course of multiple days, typically in the mornings when testosterone levels are highest.

If HRT is successful, this will greatly reinforce the quality of life by increased productivity at work, confidence (which draws bosses and romantic interests alike), and supply a deeper sense of contentment with life.

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