The Magic Health Benefits Of Krill Oil Supplements

Krill oil is extracted from krill, a shrimp like crustacean that is present in cold water oceans.

It has got many health benefits and it's used as a new natural supplement in many diseases.

The Health Benefits Of Krill Oil

1. Heart disease: The EPA and DHA in krill oil helps with reducing high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. It also represses the clotting formations in arteries. Because of these properties, it is thought of as one of the best supplements for coronary disease.

2. Brain function: DHA is necessary for the standard working of brain, retina and central nervous system. The deficiency of DHA may lead to depression and ADHD (Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder). Krill oil is rich in DHA.

3. Joint pain: The EPA in krill oil has anti inflammatory properties. Thus it helps with reducing joint agony, rigidity and sensitiveness. It is particularly constructive in rheumatoid rheumatoid arthritis.

4. Anti aging properties: Krill oil is loaded in anti oxidants. Astaxanthin, an anti oxidant present in krill oil has many anti aging properties. So it is said to be of use in curing cancer. Especially in the early stages of cancer of the colon and breast cancer, krill oil could be very efficient. It also defends the skin from harmful UV rays.

5. PMS (premenstural symptoms) : The omega 3 unsaturated fatty acid present in krill oil may be some help in problems related with pre menstrual symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats and menstrual cramps.

Apart from this, krill oil is assumed to help in the treating of osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus and macular degeneration. The anti oxidants present in krill oil may make a person younger and smarter. It's also thought to improve memory power and brain functions. It may improve the mood and help in the curing of depression and mood disorders.

In pregnant women, elevated levels of EPA and DHA can help you to feel better. The anti oxidant potency is enormously higher than that in fish oil. So take this supplement and live a good, ecstatic life.

Lisa Marie likes to keep fit and practice living a healthy lifestyle. Lisa writes for many health publications including the krill oil review blog. This site reviews the health advantages of taking krill oil, the site is packed full of videos, information, krill oil rebates and the most recent information regarding this smashing health supplement click here to buy or learn more about krill oil.


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