Understand How Botox Works Before Getting Jabbed

While botox has evolved into one of the hottest form of cosmetic treatments around, few people understand how botox acts. Realizing how botox works is critical so as to realize what can be expected from the treatment as well as the duration of effect.

Botox is a material gleaned from Clostridium Botulinum bacteria. Botox works by selectively inhibiting muscles into which the toxin is applied.

Therefore for cosmetic use, botox works by selectively weakening hyperactive muscles that cause expression lines. This causes skin creases linked with these hyperactive facial muscles to become less obvious or to vanish while under the effect of botox. In some research, patients noticed a change in appearance two weeks after injection of botox. Within 4 weeks of treatment, patients reported looking 3 years younger.

There are a few different classes of Botulinum Toxin (A-G), with types An and B being the only types in clinical use.

How our muscles actually work

Muscles are turned on by impulses transmitted by nerves. The nerve attaches to a muscle in what is commonly known as a “neuro-muscular junction”. The end of the nerve near to the muscle is filled with small vesicles or “bubbles” stuffed with a substance called acetylcholine. When the electric impulse reaches the end of the nerve, these vesicles are freed from the nerve ending, and acetylcholine is released into the space between the muscle and the nerve and then travel across the synapse to connect to receptors on the muscle. Once the acetylcholine binds to the receptors on the muscles, this initiates a chemical reaction which triggers the muscles to turn on.

Botox: Mechanism of action

Botox hinders the release of acetylcholine from the nerve ends. Botox proteins bind to the nerve ending and eventually bind to the vesicles containing acetylcholine. Ultimately Botox meddles with the method of the releasing of acetylcholine into the neuromuscular junction. It does this by cleaving proteins needed for binding and release of vesicles (SNAP-25 protein).

It routinely takes about 24-48 hours until the effect of the chemical denervation begin.

How Muscles Recover After Botox Injection

Recovery from botulinum toxin occurs normally inside 3-6 months. The recovery occurs usually by another nerve ending growing to replace the nerve ending which is effected by the botox. The original nerve ending eventually recovers with time and the new sprouts fall away. It was once thought this was the only of recovery from botox treatment. Nonetheless it’s currently understood that the originial nerve ending effected by botulinum toxin does at last recover. After recovery of the initial nerve ending, the new nerve ending sprouts finally wither away.

The recovery of botulinum toxin in glands in the body takes more time. The effects of botox on glands usually recedes in 6-9 months.

Botox is a registered trademark of Allergan. Botox injections should really only be undertaken by correctly qualified medical professionals and after obtaining informed consent. BotoxTelAviv offers botox injections in the Tel Aviv area.


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