Which Skin Tightening Treatment Is Best?

Should you be unhappy with the look of your face or neck then its time to consider doing something about it. With modern technology and science there are non-surgical alternatives to achieve a younger physical appearance. Ultherapy uses ultrasound techniques with the aid of small hand-held devices. These devices use heat therapy to help your skin look less saggy. The heat therapy affects the muscle tissue and lower skin levels; making them tighten. Collagen levels rise in the skin tissue due to the heat therapy. Collagen helps make the skin appear more radiant. The top skin on the face and neck will likely then become smoother and tighter. This non-surgical treatment requires no use of lasers or needles. The medical expert can use the ultrasound technology to examine the underlying tissue to better achieve a good result. Within two to three months the patient will experience a change in the look of the face and neck. The best part is that ultherapy only requires 30-80 minutes for a single medical session. In addition, it is an in-office procedure and needs only a few hours of recuperation time.


Another fantastic technique to help your skin appear more radiant is thermage. This procedure has met the requirements of the United States Food and Drug Administration. Thermage uses radiofrequency from a small tool to warm-up the underlying areas of your skin. The epidermis, or the top layer of skin does not become hot from this procedure. However you will have a sensation heat beneath the skin. Heating the area underneath the surface skin causes reformulation of collagen. New collagen assists the surface skin to become more youthful; with a new texture and improved tone. This one-time 60 minute office procedure allows a person to have a quick recover with no loss of work-time. Patients can request multiple treatments. There is a difference in the skin immediately and further improvement occurs for approximately a year. Thermage treatment methods are often used on the body to reduce cellulite and sagging skin. It may also be used on the neck, whole face, or localized regions of the face. To really understand the differences of Ultherapy vs Thermage you should talk to your doctor.


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    Natural organic products that is the best and effective remedy to whitens and tightens your skin. Add more water in your diet to keep hydrated. Avoid vices that gives dryness of the skin.
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